Our product mix affords power products and solutions to meet personal applications, through to the largest systems.

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SJ Dynamics: Home

Who is
SJ Dynamics

SJ Dynamics was founded by South African professionals who have been in the battery, UPS and generator industry for many years, to market and supply complete power solutions. We endeavor to meet the needs and expectations of ICT Suppliers, Corporates, Parastatals and Government plus comply with ISO 9002 standards and a wide range quality product mix.

This is supported by SJ Dynamics professional consulting services, which are provided to meet the critical system and maintenance solutions deployed by our customer base. SJ Dynamics operates according to the philosophy of strong, appropriate provision of both pre- and post-sales services, as well as efficient and effective customer support.

What can
SJ Dynamics
do for me

That inclueds:

  • Free on-site evaluation service (which includes providing technical reports and recommendations),
  • Product recommendations,
  • Implementation techniques,
  • Planning of installation,
  • Each installation is treated as a project.
No matter how large or small the project is it is supported by our excellent customer service from the point of you contacting us to the progress of the final instalation of the system.

What we offer

Uninterruptible Power Supplies – UPSs
Solar power systems